Lela Star Gets Pussy Pounded Hard Before Creamy Facial

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Watching Lela Star get her cunt pounded is seriously hot stuff. The pretty brunette is able to straddle cock in any number of positions and her juicy cunt just can’t get enough! She wants it in every position she can get it in, and then some!

She spreads her legs and bends over and lays back and anything else she has to do to keep her cunt easy access for the amazing fucking she’s getting. She loves the way it makes her have one intense orgasm after another! Then Lela Star gets on her knees to suck that wonderful cock one last time for the hot spunk she loves!

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Lela Star Slips Out of Tiny Jean Cutoffs

Saturday, February 11, 2017

When the weather heats up, Lela Star loves putting on her skimpiest outfit. Her favorite tank top and a pair of denim shorts that was more like just a belt. It was a wonder when this babe moves how you don’t see her pussy. She wears those to make the temperature rise for men though. She knows they wanna see that incredible bod and she insists on being a bit of a tease at first.

She doesn’t make you wait all that long though, she wants to get out of those stuffy clothes just as much as you want her to. She takes it a bit on the slow side so you’ll work up a sweat and a hard on. With her shorts at her ankles she tugs on her panties until they’re between those soft cunt lips. Her tank top is pulled down and those big perky tits are out as well. There’s no way to ignore how hot this chick is!

Now that she’s got herself and you all worked up, it’s time to do something about it! She settles herself on a wooden bench and gets that pussy spread open. Her fingers play with her open hole, dipping in and out of her slickness.

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Lela Star Exposes Pussy From Lingerie and Stockings

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hottie brunette pornstar Lela Star is completely intoxicating in red and black lingerie. Her red corset is frilly and tight and her panties barely cover her pussy. With thigh high black stockings, this babe is every man’s fantasy.

It makes Lela Star very horny to dress this way and all she can think of is how bad she wants your hands on her. She exposes her titties and pussy, fantasizing that you are tasting her nubby nipples as you finger her tight slit!

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Lela Star Looks Tasty in Blue Dress

Friday, February 3, 2017

Looks like you’ve caught Lela Star in one of her naughty moods. Dressed in a simple pale blue dress and maribu trimmed heels, she decided it was time to spice things up! Her top was easily pulled down, her huge boobs popped out – nipples already hard pink nubs. Enough of this bullshit – she’s ready to stroke that cunt of hers!

Once on the floor, she pulls her dress above her hips showing everyone that she doesn’t have any panties on. It’s just her bare cunt to the world. With just two long fingers she splays open her hole – that soft pink inside almost calling your name. As much as Lela would love a nice thick dick deep inside her right now, she might just have to settle for her own handy work. Those fingers know just how to work that clit to make this gorgeous bird sing!

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Lela Star Douses Herself in Water

Sunday, January 29, 2017

There’s something about a babe like Lela Star in water that makes her even hotter. That bikini hugging her body, showing off every curve and bend her figure makes. Once the water droplets run down her bare flesh, you can already sense you’ve got something hard between your legs. Wait until she pops those tits out! Those giant babies are going to get you to want to whip your dick out asap.

Lela stands under the waterfall, letting all that cool water continue to cascade over her body. With her suit removed, you can see each and every amazing and intimate part of this woman. That shooting star tattoo points right to the Brazilian waxed pussy. If she’s this wet on the outside, imagine just how wet she is inside that slit of hers!

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Lela Star is a Collared Slut

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Now all women take comfort in the idea of people owned, but for Lela Star – it’s a dream come true. This babe wears her pink leather collar with pride. She’s ready to be taken by the man she submits too in any way he sees fit. He’s got her all dressed up in this white lacy lingerie set, as if she was a pure angel and not the slutty bitch she is.

Underneath that bra is an incredible pair of fake tits. They’re so big, round, and firm with tiny perky nipples. She loves having her tits messed with and it’s one think her Owner does well. Playing with her tits instantly makes her cunt soaking wet!

Ordered to remove her panties, she sits on the bed with her pussy lips right against the sheets. Her legs spread wide, just the way her man likes em. She’s a statuesque beauty now, but soon she’ll be just his personal fuck hole.

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Lela Star Takes Black Cock in Her Ass

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lovely Lela Star has got herself into a kinky situation. She’s been dying to meet up with someone that can take control of her for the night. After placing an add, she met this black stud that promised he would make her into a good fuck toy that night. She was told to wear a sexy white lingerie set for him and he’d provide the rest. She didn’t know what that meant but when she showed up at the hotel room, she was instantly collared, leashed, and blind folded.

He was going to use his big black cock on her to show her where she belonged. She needed to be on her knees worshipping that dick – taking in every inch of him no matter where he stuck it! Lela found it a bit hard to take him all into her mouth. He was just too long! He was sick of her efforts and picked that bitch up and thrust his dick right into her. He easily slid in – all of this control and roughness had made her cunt nice and slick with wetness.

Once her pussy is stretched out, he switches to her asshole. That long rod makes her ass open wide to try and take in that thick piece of meat. Lela can’t believe she’s able to take as much as she can! After a few good thumps in her rump, he pulls over and makes Lela get on her knees. The bitch gets the messiest facial she’s ever received!

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Lela Star shows off her big tits

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lela Star has never looked hotter than here in nothing but a sexy rhinestone belt! Lela Star is adorned in sparkly jewels and big luscious tits! We even get a fabulous closeup of her pierced pussy. Get more of these hot photos inside VIP Area!

Lela Star gets licked by Alexis Ford

Friday, January 13, 2017

Lela Star got together with her girlfriend Alexis Ford and they get up to no good! Lela Star and Alexis yank eachother’s clothes off and lick and finger eachother’s pussies. Yum yum! See more of these hot lesbian photos inside VIP Area!

Lela Star wearing only a belt

Monday, January 9, 2017

This is smart. I mean… Lela Star doesn’t need nothing but just a belt. Whatever belt she likes. I dont give a damn. Lela Star’s got that amazing body!! Watch her bending over and spreading out her yummy wet twat! And watch Lela Star playing with her boobies. Check out Lela Star official site now

Lela Star Strips and Shows Off Voluptuous Naked Curves

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beautiful brunette pornstar Lela Star is looking good in white g-string and nightie. Her long dark hair is shiny and silky and her lovely skin carries a rich tan. She slips off her shirt and that ass of hers is so firm and beautiful, you just want to caress it. Her titties are large and firm, with nipples you ache to suck. She gets naked and her hourglass figure is pure beauty.

Lela Star is picturesque and intoxicating in her abundant naked hotness. She loves the thought of you touching yourself while you watch her posing seductively just for you!

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Lela Star in a pair of micro denim shorts

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lela Star is one of my favourite pornstars ever. just watch this little slut wearing those micro denim shorts that make her bootie look just about to explode out of it! Watch Lela Star sliding down her denim shorts and spreading out her twat! Watch Lela Star sexy videos now at her official site

Lela Star posing in a sexy blue bikini

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Busty Lela Star is wearing a sexy blue bikini.. but who cares? we just want her to ged rid of her stupid bikini or whatever she might be wearing. I mean.. let those boobies free Lela Star! and please show us ur tight bubbly ass! Yay, Lela Star is a kinky brunette so watch her spreading her yummy wet twat and fingering it! get inside Lela Star official site now

Lela Star gets into the hottub with her lingerie on

Friday, December 23, 2016

Hot Lela Star gets really horny just by thinking about turning us on.. Watch this busty brunette slut getting into the hottub with her sexy lingerie on! See Lela Star popping out her big fake boobies and then bending over to display her big tight bubbly ass! Get inside Lela Star official site and watch her masturbating

Lela Star strips off her sexy lingerie

Monday, December 19, 2016

Busty Lela Star is feeling really kinky today, watch her stripping off her sexy lingerie! Lela Star loves to play with herself in front of the camera.. Look at those big boobies popping out her sexy corset! And then Lela Star bends over displaying her tight yummy ass and spreading out her wet twat to plunge a dildo inside it… Download Lela Star official videos

Lela Star in skimpy white bra and panties

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lela Star just came back from work and needs a bit of relaxation… and what does it mean for a hot kinky babe like Lela Star??? Getting horny for us of course.. Watch Lela Star stripping off her skimpy white bra and panties, displaying her fake big tits and her tight ass! Then Lela Star pleases her pussy on bed.., Watch Lela Star official videos now

Lela Star in a sexy dress

Saturday, December 10, 2016

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Lela Star gets naked on the bar

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Lela Star all wrapped up in pink

Friday, December 2, 2016

Busty Lela Star gets her smokin hot body all wrapped up in pink see thru fabric! This hot busty slut loves to tease us.. Watch Lela Star getting really naughty and displaying ehr big round fake tits! Then see her bending over and spreading out her yummy wet twat! get inside Lela Star official site now and watch her sexy videos

Lela Star has a shower with her girlfriend

Monday, November 28, 2016

Yeessss! Lela Star loves washing her hot body with her hot girlfriends! She loves to share the shower and play with her big boobies and luckily get her yummy nipples sucked! Watch these two busty hotties getting really dirty and fingering each others wet hungry pussies! Get inside Lela Star official site and watch her sexy videos